About me

Born in Italy, I achieved a BA in Intercultural Studies applied to Mass Media in 2005, I attended a Traditional and Digital Photography course, for one year, in Milan in 2010 and a Multimedia and Graphic/Web Design course, for one more year, in Turin during 2011.

While working in London, I achieved a TEFL/TESOL Master Certificate in 2013 to teach English abroad and from that moment I moved to China for more than two years, travelling across Europe, Japan, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand and USA.

I believe in Continuing Education, and so, from 2013 to 2016, I achieved many different Certificates: “University Teaching 101” at The Johns Hopkins University, “Analyzing Global Trends for Business and Society” and “Marketing 101” at The Wharton School, “Managing Fashion and Luxury Companies” and “International Leadership and Organizational Behavior” at SDA Bocconi, “Managing Risk for Development” at The World Bank, “Financing and Investing in Infrastructure” at Università Bocconi, “Seeing through Photographs” at the Museum of Modern Art in New York.

Currently enrolled as a MA Photography student at Falmouth University, I am working as Distant Learning Officer to improve the online students’ experience at Falmouth Flexible while following a Screenwriting course lead by Richard Walter, UCLA Head of Screenwriting, and released by Shore Scripts.

“When I was seven, my mother’s husband gave me my first Reflex: it was a Pentax K1000 that I’m still using after twenty-eight years. That moment has sparked something in me.
I started taking pictures of every single thing I was bumping into, mostly creating underexposed or completely burned images, but I didn’t care: I was fascinated by how that tool could impress images on a film making all those metallic sounds and I remember the excitement while waiting to discover what would have come out from all that process.”

And now, here I am: still fascinated.