Online Gallery

This is an Online Gallery created in accordance to the following Falmouth Guidelines:

Create a web page or microsite to showcase your work so far on your project. This web page or site could become the means by which you submit your Work in Progress Portfolio. You may wish to use your blog (critical research journal) to host this gallery, but you are encouraged to explore other, more specialist, online platforms for this exercise. Most of these will have free, or time-limited trial options, which you should make use of rather than paying for any services or functions.
You may wish to explore more than one possibility, and there will be an opportunity to get feedback and share ideas with your peers.

Materials and images will be created and uploaded in this page during the two-year MA Photography experience according to all those indications that will be provided by the University in the future.


“I can hear you now” project’s website will be available at the following link:

Dayana Marconi Image official website will host images and videos created for the project “I can hear you now” alongside other photographic projects. the website will be available at the following link:

The ONLINE GALLERY/PORTFOLIO will be hosted on Cargocollective at the following url:

Images from the Major Project “I can hear you now” will be collected on the related Instagram profile at the following url: and on the dedicated Facebook page that will be used also to promote the project and the related exhibitions.